5 DIY Beauty Products You Can Make With Coffee

Coffee DIY Beauty Products

Most of us look forward to that first cup of copy at the start of our day. But, for some of us - our first dose of caffeine comes before we’ve even stumbled downstairs to the kitchen, or out the door to our new coffee house. If you have a Pinterest account, you’re probably not surprised that you can use coffee in your everyday beauty routine by creating your own DIY beauty products. We wanted to run down a list of our favorite ways to use our favorite grounds on our skin and hair - so, if you're into DIY projects, put these on your to do list.

Here are five beauty products you can make quickly with coffee!

Body Scrub

Old coffee grounds make a perfect facial exfoliant that will help to remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh, healthy skin. It's so easy to make a scrub with coffee: just mix the coffee grounds with coconut or olive oil, and add in an essential oil of your choice for scent - we love orange or eucalyptus for their aromatic properties. Make sure that the coffee beans are finely ground, and then mix all the ingredients together. When you’re done, rinse thoroughly and moisturize with your favorite body cream. Your skin will thank you.

Cellulite Treatment

The caffeine in coffee grounds enhances fat metabolism and increases circulation, which will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Plus, the coffee grounds will exfoliate your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple! To make a body scrub with coffee, just combine finely ground coffee beans with vanilla extract and some olive or almond oil, and apply liberally before showers. The antioxidants in coffee can increase collagen production, but the effects are temporarily and only last about a week - so this is the perfect thing to do right before a summer vacation.

Hair Treatment

All you need to do is mix finely ground coffee beans with your favorite conditioner and scrub it into your scalp for a few minutes. It will feel great, and the caffeine will stimulate hair growth! Just remember to put a drain catcher in before you do this (or any of the suggestions that require a drain) so the coffee ground don't get stuck in the drain. It can get a little messy.

All-Natural Self-Tanner & Hair Color Enhancer

Did you know that soaking your hair in leftover coffee grounds can deepen light brown or dark blonde hair? It can also add rich highlights to darker brunette hair, giving it an incredible sheen.

It can also give you a tan without the harsh rays of the sun. You can get some used grounds and combine with olive oil, apply it directly on your skin and let it soak in. Or, you can fill a bath with warm water and grounds and soak. The longer you soak, the more intense of a tan you’ll get. However, these efforts aren’t waterproof - so, this won’t hold up to swimming, but if you need a healthy glow for a formal event, try it out.

Facial Masks

The caffeine from coffee grounds can really perk up dull-looking skin if you use it as a facial mask. Just mix finely ground coffee beans with some coconut oil or plain yogurt, add a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder and apply evenly. Your skin will thank you!

What’s your favorite personal use for your used grounds or leftover coffee (I know, I know… What’s that?)