Discovering Kenya: Travels and Coffee

This post is written by Jeff about his brief trip to Kenya after a 10 day sourcing trip in Ethiopia. If you want to read about our visit to Ethiopia, click here. We hope you enjoy!

We spent ten tough days in Ethiopia, followed by two quick days in Kenya. We cupped over 150 coffees in that time, and I'm glad to say we are excited to be bringing Zoka the best Kenyan coffees that we've ever had to offer. We cupped at Dorman’s Coffee Traders, Taylor Winch, and our final stop - Kofinaf Elephant Coffee Traders.

The coffee from the Kenya ROI farms cupped better than any coffee I have ever cupped from Kenya in previous years. I gave it a 92+, and it may even be better when it arrives here at home. We have ordered seven bags, and can’t wait to try it again. I am thinking May or June arrival, but we will keep you posted on all the details of this very special coffee.

There was a visible contrast between Ethiopia and Kenya, with regards to infrastructure and the economy. Kenya’s economy is growing and it was very visible. The place we stayed while in Kenya was quite nice, and I had my own hut. We had only a wire fence between the jungle and us, but thankfully, we didn’t have any wild visitors!

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